Our Values


At Mediabrands, we believe that values shape behavior and drive performance. We have a strong community and a culture of care at Mediabrands as a result of a set of shared values that we have as a network.

Our values are simple:

  • Respect for all
  • Accountability to excellence
  • Commitment to diversity, equity & inclusion
  • Collaboration through trust
  • Responsibility to our communities and to our future

These values translate into a myriad of everyday actions in our agencies and brands, and also into leadership positions we take as Mediabrands in the industry including:


Media Responsibility

Elijah Harris

Facebook, Twitter outpaced by smaller platforms in fight against harmful content – agency

February 8, 2021 | Share this article
Media Responsibility

Eli Harris - Global Head of Social, Reprise

(Reuters) – Facebook, Twitter and Alphabet’s YouTube made smaller strides than their social media rivals including TikTok and Reddit at battling harmful content such as hate speech and misinformation during the second half of 2020, a study released on Monday showed. Advertising agency IPG Mediabrands released its “Media Responsibility Index,” examining how the top social

Daryl Lee

Should social media platforms need a license to operate?

January 27, 2021 | Share this article
Media Responsibility

Daryl Lee - Global CEO, Mediabrands

A license to operate would convey our commitment to holding powerful engines in our society responsible for our collective safety. The events of this past year have raised important questions about media in the 21st century. For many of us in the media business, it’s been a much-needed wake-up call, reminding us that our profession

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Deidre Smalls Landau

Why diversity means change, belonging… and profit

January 4, 2020 | Share this article
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Deidre Smalls-Landau - Chief Marketing Officer and EVP, Global Culture, UM

“Hire more women.” “Hire more Black and Brown people.” “Take an ad out at NYC Pride.” Some organizations follow a haphazard checklist for diversity then wonder why their efforts produced no tangible results – goals aren’t met, projects are stagnant and the halls look the same as ever. That’s because true diversity reflects meaningful change,


October 24, 2019 | Share this article
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Michael Brown - Partner, Insight & Cross-Culture, UM

Costly fieldwork means researching LGBTQ+ people is prohibitively expensive for many, creating a barrier to market research that is truly inclusive, writes Michael Brown as he calls for a cross-sector push for change. It is within the reach of everyone in the market research sector to hone our practices in order to give a voice

Sustainability and Purpose

Mediabrands’ Rapport Debuts Eco-Friendly OOH Signage

February 23, 2021 | Share this article
Sustainability and Purpose

Molly McCarthy - VP, Production, Rapport

Mediabrands’ out-of-home agency Rapport claims to be the first media agency to offer all U.S. clients sustainable eco-friendly signage designed to purify the air. The “Rapport Beyond” initiative uses a special coating of Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) affixed to printed materials like billboards and related media products to remove NOx gases such as carbon emissions and

We will never be the same again, but hopefully we might look similar

May 20, 2020 | Share this article
Sustainability and Purpose

Fiona Johnston - CEO, Australia, UM

There are lots of great ideas and intents being shared around about what a post-COVID world might look like, but I call a little ‘BS’ on a lot of it. Not because I am a cynic or a naysayer – far from it – but because I think we underestimate how much Henry Ford’s nine-to-five

Privacy and Data Ethics

UM’s Arielle Garcia: Privacy must become a business imperative

July 30, 2020 | Share this article
Privacy and Data Ethics

Arielle Garcia - Chief Privacy Officer, UM

Her new role as the media giant’s first chief privacy officer covers the vast scope of a consumer’s personal preference to a world of local, national and global compliance regulations. As privacy regulations and government oversight increases, global media agency UM took the initiative to create the position of chief privacy officer. And who better

Ben Tuff

‘We can’t be cowed into shame on data’

August 19, 2019 | Share this article
Privacy and Data Ethics

Ben Tuff - Chief Product Officer, APAC, UM

If Cambridge Analytica had been employed by a large FMCG company, utilised the same methods and driven incremental but meaningful share gains, and then been uncovered, would the concern and interest be so high? I somehow doubt it. The storm would have been contained to a marketing teacup; the fine unnoticed by many. But the